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Man Opens His Shop To Stray Cats During Harsh Snowstorm


Mar 20, 2023

In Istanbul, Turkey there is an incarnation of kindness at the toy shop. While people are busy keeping themselves warm in the cold harsh weather, a man opens up his shop to rescue and invite local stray cats who crave food and shelter to hide from the coldness.


Selcuk Bayal and a few other volunteers can’t stand seeing the poor kitties wandering around the snowstorm, they decide to take care of all of them.

“When it gets cold, they take refuge inside… We are the only shop in the area.” – Bayal said.

To everybody’s surprise, so many cats come to the shop and enjoy eating. They must have been left hungry and thirsty for a year. While a lot of shoppers come to the store and appreciate the man’s kindness, some people are quite concerned about the cats. Bayal the owner puts up a sign with a strong and protective statement.

“Those who are uncomfortable with the kitties do not shop here.”

The cats seem very content with the accommodation from the man. They love laying next to the heater and grooming each other. Bayal is surely relieved when he witnesses the cats’ welfare under his wing. Some people deny the fact that animals cannot tolerate cold weather.

“These animals are never cold tolerant. If they can not find water, they die.” – Bayal added.

Thank you for your kindness, Bayal. Hopefully, there will be more compassionate people embracing the predicament of stray cats so they can have a second chance in their lives.

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