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Meet Honey Bee, Our Rescued Blind Cat Who Loves Hiking With Us


Mar 8, 2023

Honey Bee is our amazing blind cat that loves to go hiking with us! We adopted her from Animals Fiji, but she now lives in Seattle with her 2 humans and 4 other cats.

When we go hiking, we take her on our shoulders or with a leash. People say they love dogs because you can take them hiking, but Honey Bee loves hiking, too!

At the bottom, there’s a video of a hike we went on to Mason Lake, in the mountains outside of Seattle.

People say they love dogs because you can take them hiking. Honey Bee loves hiking, too!

She loves to ride on shoulders and we would take her on long walks

Honey Bee likes listening to water sounds when we go on outdoor adventures

Her good sense of edges and drop-offs means that she can get close without falling in.

Hiking goes a bit slower with Honey Bee because there are so many smells and sounds everywhere

She has regular water and snack breaks, just like us

When you Bee-lieve in yourself, you can climb any mountain

At Barclay lake


Thoroughly examining the shore at Seward Park

Video from the hike:

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