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Kind Man Found And Rescued Starving Little Kitten Out Of Cramped Waterway


Mar 2, 2023

All cats deserve to know what love and care feel like, especially those who are abandoned. For this kitten who has lost her mother, love is something she thought she could never receive. Luckily, Pawmeows team rescued her and offered her great love as she deserves to have.

That was the last day before quarantine was applied in North Africa, Pawmeows team heard a kitten crying when he was at the shop. Spotting her in a dirty waterway, we tried to approach the cat but she ran away. Even when giving a second try, we still failed to gain the trust of the pitiful kitten. She looked very poor. The little cat was hungry but scared, and she was not ready to trust anyone.

She kept fleeing to another spot that was too narrow for us to go inside. Therefore, Pawmeows team put some food to lure the cat and make her come out of the waterway. Luckily, it worked. We finally could get closer to the kitten, reassuring her to prove that he would not hurt her. Then, we drove her home.

At home, she was given another meal to enjoy before meeting other furry friends of the house. No one knew her story before, but the way she started eating told us how much misfortune she had been suffering.

Cats and dogs at the house seemed to notice the new guest. They tried to welcome her, but she didn’t understand it. Because she was still afraid, and not ready to make friends with them. It took a while for our shy girl to get used to her new friends. The white and black puppies were friendly to her, while Orange didn’t care much about the kitten at first.

However, she still needed more time to fully integrate into this community. We put her in a box so that she could feel safer and more relaxing. It wouldn’t be easy for her to adapt to that new environment, but Pawmeows team would patiently wait for her to change and feel better. At least that night, she could sleep well in we’re hug and when she woke up, she knew herself to be in safe and good love.

Definitely, Pawmeows team in this story has a warm heart that many people are lacking these days. Share this post for more of them to be rescued!

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