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Special Kitten Explores World on Wheels, Needs a Purrfect Forever Family to Join Him


Feb 20, 2023

Meet Snapple, an adventurous tuxedo cat in Minnesota exploring the world on wheels!

This sweet boy is on a mission to show everyone that having special needs can’t stop him from living his best life.

Now all he needs is a purrfect forever family to take extra special care of him and join him on adventures.

Snapple’s foster mom, Kris, tells us all about this little champion in the story below.


Sweet Beginnings

Snapple was found as a very young kitten in April of 2021.

His mom was very young herself and was not able to care for him, therefore Snapple and his siblings needed to be bottle fed.

I’m a foster caregiver through the Bitty Kitty Brigade and I specialize in wobbly kittens, typically those with Cerebellar Hypoplasia  (CH).

I heard about a tiny, wobbly tuxedo kitten that needed to be moved to another foster home and I immediately knew I wanted to foster them.

I have soft spot for wobbly kittens.


4.5-week-old Snapple and his littermates were just starting the process of weaning when they first moved into my care.

Snapple and his litter mates (Moxie, Sprite and Fresca) were named after beverages by their initial caregiver.

While Snapple had a wobbly head like cats with CH do, I was concerned because he wasn’t using his front legs at all.

He had to be separated from his litter mates because they would attack his tail and feet like kittens naturally do when they play.

But since Snapple couldn’t get away, he was left defenseless.


Spoiled Rotten

Once I determined that the other kittens were not showing any signs of CH, I had them transferred to another caregiver so I could focus on Snapple’s care.

Snapple was seen by a veterinary neurologist who determined that he likely didn’t have CH.

Instead, he was diagnosed with Brain and Cervical Spinal Cord Disease.

They were unsure what his quality of life would be like, so I took him home with the intention to spoil him rotten before making any decisions for him.


In the process of spoiling him and taking him on adventures, I saw that with the proper stimulation and care, Snapple was an extremely happy kitten!

He loves going on mini adventures where I carry him around to check out the plants, bugs, and birds outside.

He’s extremely comfortable in a variety of situations.

Snapple loves going to social outings and parks with me; he loves meeting new people!


Hot Wheels

Since he was still growing, he was not eligible for a custom cart.

By the time he got measured and a cart was built and shipped, he’d likely outgrow it before it would even arrive.

But I found one on Amazon that was adjustable so I could customize it to fit him perfectly.

I’m not a big advocate for carts because typically the cats hate them and get around fairly well without the help of wheels.

But Snapple was different.

He took to the cart immediately and was off and running!


Unstoppable Snapple

We use the cart for exercise a couple of times a day, usually on the quiet street by my house or sometimes on my deck or dining room.

He also goes to work with me and runs around the office and warehouse.

When he’s not in his cart, he struggles with mobility, but he enjoys pushing himself around and plays with nearby toys.

Sometimes he just enjoys being in a soft bed nearby and watching the activity around him.


He’s like a typical cat in many ways.

He loves to play with toys, watch birds, and explore his surroundings (with a little help).

Snapple loves attention; he’s an expert snuggler and purrs non-stop!

He’ll chat with you and let you know when he wants attention, but he’ll also let you know when he’s had enough.

He can get over-stimulated like any other cat.


A little innovation has helped Snapple be more independent with his daily needs.

Nothing gets Snapple more excited than approaching a food bowl – he’s got a healthy appetite and loves to eat!

He uses a feeding station that holds him upright so he can eat on his own.

He uses portable potty pads to use the bathroom.

Snapple stays remarkably clean and very rarely ever needs a cleanup.


Seeking A Future Forever Family

Snapple is currently still in foster care in Minnesota.

His perfect forever home would be with someone that either works from home, is retired, or could take him to work.

What he needs is someone with the time to make sure his life is full of activities and enrichment.

Someone who has experience caring for a special needs pet or elderly pet would be the ideal match for him.

Snapple will need a few special accommodations in his forever home to make it safe, comfortable, and fun!


He stays very clean and sleeps in a playpen overnight.

A few simple activities are very important to Snapple: having time to run around in his cart a couple times a day, taking him around the house or outside to explore, playing with him, and making sure he has toys that are easy to grab with his mouth.

His care routine is fairly easy – he just requires a bit more time and attention to assure a happy life.





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