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Kitten Buried Under 5 Tons of Trash Rescued from Garbage Truck Just in Time


Feb 20, 2023

These sanitation workers in Stockholm, Sweden were having a normal day at work when they made a shocking discovery – a kitten trapped in 5 tons of garbage.

Keep reading to discover how three brave sanitation workers changed this helpless kitten’s fate.

A Cry for Help

Bekir Mercil and his two co-workers were on their normal routine of work – collecting trash and preparing it for the incinerator.

Suddenly, a sharp yet faint meow was heard. But they couldn’t hear exactly where it was coming from.

The men looked puzzled. They stopped their work and looked around in the truck, but didn’t see anything.

Unable to locate the sound, the two men continued their work. All of a sudden, there it was again!

Another soft, faint meow came from the trash…it was coming from the garbage stack in the truck!

The Search Begins

A cat must have gotten trapped in the trash piles. They started digging through the trash trying to locate the trapped cat.

These heroic sanitation men were going to do everything they could to rescue this poor cat.

Berkir said, “We had a shovel to remove the waste as carefully as we could without doing any harm, and a broom to try to get the kitten out.”

How did a poor defenseless kitten get in there?

They began at the corners of the truck and would work their way to the center of the truck in hopes of finding the poor kitten.

Calling for Assistance

They two men started to worry they couldn’t find the kitten in time. They called a friend to help find the kitten.

The three men steadily used a shovel and a broom to carefully move through the 5-ton pile of trash!

Courtesy of The Dodo

Hope at Last!

After over 30 long minutes and just when they had almost lost all hope, they found the kitten alive!

They were shocked when they saw the condition the kitten was in. He was frail, covered in sludge, and could barely move.

“When it was free, it just spurted out of the truck, totally covered in grease. It trembled like a leaf, it was so scared and tired”, says Bekir.

Courtesy of The Dodo

They suspect the kitten had become trapped in the garbage truck while he was hunting for food.

This kitten didn’t have much time and the men knew they had to act fast.

They rushed the kitten to a nearby animal shelter for medical care and a much-needed bath and meal.

The Road to Recovery 

Finally, this kitten was safe and in good hands! Gradually, he recovered and started to regain his strength.

Bekir and his co-workers are so happy they were able to rescue this kitten from a terrible fate.

Courtesy of The Dodo

‘It would have headed for the incinerator, and you can just imagine what would have happened”, said Bekir.

This very lucky kitten is now happy and healthy living with his new owner in his forever loving home! One of the shelter employees fell in love with him and made him her own.

Happily Ever After 

Thanks to these three city workers who stopped on their route to take the time to search and rescue this baby kitten, the kitten has another chance at life.

Courtesy of The Dodo

These brave men showed us that a little courage and persistence could make a big difference.


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