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Tiny Kitten Captures Hearts with Adorable Smile & Wink – Has So Much Love to Give


Feb 18, 2023

A rescuer couple in Philadelphia was relieved when a mama cat lead them to her 4 kittens hidden in a box.

Little did they know, they were about to receive a very special surprise.

When they peaked in the box, their hearts stopped.

One of these kittens was unlike any kitten they’d ever seen before…

Keep reading to discover how this teeny tiny pirate is stealing hearts and sparking joy, one squeak at a time!

A Mysterious Guest

It was a warm and cloudy summer day in Philadelphia when Kris and Kia Papiernik, founders, made a shocking discovery.

Kris and Kia care for several colonies of cats that they have trapped, neutered/spayed, and returned (TNR for short).

On this particular day, the Papierniks were on their way to feed one of their colonies when something unusual caught their eye…

Crossing the street was a beautiful cat Kris and Kia had never seen before.

“Whenever we see a cat, we always pull over, stop to feed them and talk to neighbors to see if the cat belongs to anyone, or if there are any caretakers or feeders so that we can offer help and give them TNR resources,” the Papierniks shared.

When Kris and Kia got out of their car to approach the cat, they realized this wasn’t just any cat – this was a nursing mama cat!

The mama cat was friendly, but cautious.

Now Kris and Kia had another mystery to solve – where were her babies?

A Shocking Discovery

The Papierniks fed the mama cat on the sidewalk and quietly watched from a distance to see if she would lead them to her kittens.

“This is our usual technique when we find a nursing mama cat. We feed them and watch from afar because after they eat, most mother cats will go tend to their kittens,” the Papierniks shared.

Sure enough, the mama cat lead them right to her kittens!

Kris and Kia watched as she walked up to someone’s front porch.

They approached the porch and noticed several boxes and scattered rubble.

They peaked inside one of the boxes and there they were – four fuzzy little kittens!

“We spoke to the homeowner who shared that the mama cat was a local stray who had given birth to several litters over the years. She had always chose their porch to raise her litters.”

But this time, Kolony Kats was there to the rescue! It was this mama cat’s lucky day.

However, one kitten in particular caught their eye…

A Teeny Tiny Pirate

Kris and Kia scooped up the mama cat and kittens and made arrangements to take them to the vet.

Luckily, the mama cat and kittens were in good health.

The tiniest kitten whom they named Korduroy was missing an eye and had a lifted upper lip, leaving some of his teeth and gums exposed.

After speaking with the vet, they learned Korduroy has a cleft lip and anopthalmia (the absense of one eye).

The good news was that Korduroy was in good health.

He did not need any medical attention – his condition was purely cosmetic!

Kris and Kia like to call him a teeny tiny pirate. His single eye and cleft lip look as if he’s a pirate saying, “Argh!”

Tiny but Mighty

Korduroy and his siblings were estimated to be 3-4 weeks old.

Their mom would be taking care of them until they could stand on their own feet.

The mama cat was much happier now that she could raise her kittens in a safe place!

“Korduroy was the runt of his litter, but his siblings and mom didn’t treat him any differently. He’s tiny, but mighty!” the Papierniks shared with National Kitty.

Like most kittens born in the wild, Korduroy was a little wary of humans.

He gave Kris and Kia a little hiss when they scooped him up, but soon he was melting into their arms.

Spoiled Rotten

Korduroy touched the hearts of everyone he met.

He was an instant internet sensation!

Thousands of Kolony Kats fans gushed over his charming wink and quirky smile. People simply couldn’t get enough of him.

What Korduory lacked in size, he made up in personality.

“He is a kitten and his personality screams kitten! He loves to eat, play and is very curious,” Kris and Kia shared.

Korduroy knows he’s handsome too. He has a special way of getting what he wants!

“He is super sweet and vocal. If he doesn’t get his way, he will let you know!” said the Papierniks.

When Korduroy isn’t leaping and bouncing with joy, he likes to relax and snuggle with his siblings and foster family.

Korduroy’s Future

Korduroy’s mom and siblings have been spayed/neutered and found their forever homes.

Since Korduroy was the smallest kitten of the litter, he doesn’t weigh enough to be neutered.

For now, this little pirate will be pampered by his foster family and enjoy many delicious treats and snacks until he is ready for his operation.

When it’s time, this special boy will be adopted out to a very special family.

Korduroy continues to spark joy and steal the hearts of everyone who sees him.

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