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Everyone Ignored This Cat, But This Guy Decided To Rescue It


Feb 16, 2023

A devious cat burglar – emphasis on the cat – who has been “terrorizing” the city of Altoona, Pennsylvania, has finally been caught and named.

The thief has been identified as a black-and-white cat named Jordan who lives in Altoona with his mommy, BJ Ross.

Jordan has allegedly been sneaking out each night to steal shoes from his unsuspecting neighbours.

The thieve’s identity was revealed by none other than his very own mother, who could no longer stand quietly by as her devious, furry, son robbed her neighbours of their flip-flops, sandals, sneakers and boots.

As Jordan’s pile of loot grew bigger with each passing night, Ross feared that the whole city would soon find itself barefoot as a result of his incessant thievery.

She simply had to do the right thing, and so she set up a Facebook group to address the situation. In the group, she’s posted pictures of Jordan’s treasure trove of stolen footwear, which consists of more than 50 shoes, in the hopes of being able to return the shoes to their respective owners.

Ross has equipped the thieving kitty with a GPS tracker to see where he goes at night, and she’s found that Jordan not only hits multiple houses a night, he also hits the same houses multiple times.

Jordan has found his passion in life. He can’t help that that passion is “stealing.”

There’s simply something completely irresistible about an unguarded pair of shoes.

Jordan usually tries to bring back complete pairs…

…which means he has to hit the same house at least twice.

After all, he can only carry one shoe at a time.

As a result, Jordan walks up to 8 miles each night in the hunt for loot.

His pile of contraband has grown to include over 50 shoes, to his mother’s distress.

Every night, he sneaks out and his mom just can’t seem to stop him.

To try and make things right, Ross has set up a Facebook page documenting Jordan’s crimes.

There, Jordan’s victims can reclaim their stolen shoes.

The group is also a safe space for discussing Jordan’s thievery.

But though Jordan’s crimes and identity have been revealed to the public…

…Jordan doesn’t seem to care.

Ross has invested in both a GPS tracker and a security camera.

And the GPS maps and the security footage all paint a vivid picture of Jordan’s continued nightly crime sprees.

Everyone should probably just accept that nothing is going to stop this little criminal.


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