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Heroic Dog Risks His Life To Save Kitten In A Burning Building


Feb 13, 2023

Not sure how the community of humans goes without the presence of paw companions. Not only are they pets roaming and asking for food, but they also put off themselves aside and attend dangerous missions. This story happened on October 20 in 2014 in Ukraine is just one in a million pieces of evidence of dogs having the bravest heart.

There was a massive burst in this defense industry company where gas and fire broke out. It caused rampant blazes ravaging and destroying everything on its way. Within several kilometers from the area, residents got no way to put off the fires but to run away.

While there was only one way to escape, a dog rushed back in the opposite direction. The owner didn’t get his pet’s intention in the meanwhile hopelessly watching the blaze growing bigger. But out of the blue, the dog found its way back, this time, with a limp kitten in his mouth.

The little cat is the best friend of the pup. So, when the flame was taking down the house, the dog’s first instinct was to save his little fellow.

This touching act got spread widely across the neighbor. Apparently, in that situation, not many of us humans could be able to think rationally.

How many of us can forsake ourselves to save one’s life, the one that we love the most? Animals, though speechless, they always have their own way to prove the existence of true love and kindness. And the dog in this story deserves our gratitude for true affection.



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