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9 Cat Burglars Who Got Caught On Camera


Jan 17, 2023

There’s a summer mystery on the horizon, or should we say paw… While it’s not uncommon for a cat to give his mother gifts, such as a lizard or a bird, the gifts themselves were unusual in this case. Avery the cat has always given his mother, Sally Bell, the regular wild cat fare. “He’s always been a hunter,” she shared, “bringing home mice and frogs and stuff like that.” However, goggles are included in this summer’s presents.

That’s right, you read that correctly. Avery brings his mother’s children’s swimming goggles. The total number of pairings is eight, and Sally is perplexed by their look.

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At first, Sally said it was just one pair of goggles. However, within a few days, the one couple had multiplied into two more. Sally checked up with neighbors as more appeared, but no one had reported lost eyewear.

Avery is silly, and instead of playing with the goggles, he just leaves them for his mother. He hasn’t, however, abandoned his old gifting habits. “He took a dead mouse home with them the other day, so it was two presents in one.”

It’s fantastic, and a cat parent’s favorite!

Sally is concerned that her son’s antics would cause children to go into trouble, so she has posted notices on social media. But no one has claimed any of the missing pairs, and her kitty’s antics have just made her giggle!

Avery may intend to give the goggles as gifts, but he must first take them. As a result, Avery, like many other cats, is a cat burglar!

Take a look at this gallery of cat burglars discovered on social media…

#1 “Hooman, there’s nothing to see here. You are unconcerned about the burglary…”

#2 “Here’s some proof. Avery isn’t the only one who likes to wear thievery goggles! Lucy is the same way…”

#3 “Finn is a bookmark thief who is caught in the instant before he can rip the bookmark from the pages! Who hasn’t been there as a cat parent?”

#4 But look at that face! Caught “red-pawed”! When caught trying to steal the Spam, Lightning is hoping to play the cute angle, and it’s working…

#5 “Little Monster Mash was apprehended in the act of thievery! What would a cat do with a glove? Maybe a little yard work?”

#6 “I’m just going to steal this item while no one is looking…”

#7 This brazen floof is not apologetic about stealing a sock! That is, in fact, a happy face…

#8 A tabby who appears unconcerned about snack stealing…

#9 “Keep your eyes open, cat burglars; the law’s long paw is on the lookout!”

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